Saturday, May 2, 2009

"A" Flu: Introduction

What is a pork flu?

As well as people, pigs are subject to a flu, however the virus of a pork flu differs from human viruses of a flu. According to Jacob Bogatin the pork flu strikes people seldom enough. In the past there have been registered just a few cases of defeat of people which had direct contact with pigs. However current flash of a pork flu has other specificity. It is provoked by a new kind of a virus of a pork flu which extends from person to person, and strikes people who never had contact with pigs.

What are pork flu symptoms?

Jacob Bogatin thinks that symptoms of pork flu are similar to symptoms of a usual flu and include risen body temperature, cough, sore throat, pains and aches in a whole body, a fever and weakness. Some people complain of a diarrhoeia and a nausea. For sure, as Jacob Bogatin states these symptoms can be caused by many other factors and therefore you and your doctor cannot define whether you are infected by a pork flu just proceeding from the symptoms. It is necessary to spend a number of laboratory tests to establish the exact diagnosis.

What should I undertake in case of revealing of signs of a pork flu?

In the presence of symptoms of a flu it is necessary for you to remain at home. In case of cough and sneezing it is necessary to close your mouth and nose with a fabric bandage. Subsequently throw out a bandage and wash up hands. It will help to prevent infection distribution.

If you were recently in a high risk zone, such as Mexico, and have flu symptoms, experts of the Center in the control and preventive maintenance of diseases recommend to address directly to the doctor.

Remember that your doctor cannot define, whether you are sick of a pork flu, therefore your analyses will be sent on check in laboratory of management of public health services of staff. If pork flu is suspected you definitely need to intake Tamiflu or Relensa pills. Though if you live in the USA these preparations may not be necessary as the sick with pork flu have successfully recovered without even use of these pills.

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