Thursday, August 6, 2009

Diabetes and pregnancy

Diabetes is an extended endocrine disease caused by a quantitative lack of insulin or absence of its effect at level of bodies and tissues of an organism. According to modern data and according to Jacob Bogatin the diabetes can be found at 4 % of pregnant women. The diabetes and infringements of a metabolism accompanying it are capable to complicate substantially a pregnancy current therefore before planning a pregnancy a woman suffering from diabetes should meet special approach. In this article the idea is about the reason of occurrence of a diabetes during pregnancy, about kinds of a diabetes at pregnant women, and also about main principles of pregnancy planning.

What reasons of occurrence of a diabetes during pregnancy?

Diabetes during pregnancy we call an infringement of a carbohydrate exchange, as consequence of an absolute or relative lack of the insulin, observed during pregnancy. The diabetes can arise during pregnancy (gestational diabetes), and can be present and prior to the beginning of pregnancy (pre-gestational diabetes). From all cases of a diabetes pregnant more than 80 % are necessary on gestational diabetes, that is the disease which has arisen against pregnancy. This fact brings up a question on the reasons of occurrence of a diabetes at pregnant women. It is obvious, that such sharp increase of a diabetes disease at pregnant women is somehow connected with development of the pregnancy.

The organism of the pregnant woman is exposed to considerable reorganisations: the volume of circulating blood increases, physiological position of some internal bodies changes, undergo changes all kinds of a metabolism and the hormonal status of an organism. All these changes are directed on maintenance of developing pregnancy and preparation of an organism of future mother for sorts and feeding of the child.

Unfortunately, in some cases the organism of a woman has no time to adapt to accruing changes that lead to development of those or other pathologies: a toxicosis, an arterial hypertension of pregnant women, a diabetes of pregnant women.

At the heart of the mechanism of development of a diabetes of pregnant women Jacob Bogatin finds out difficult process of change of sensitivity of fabrics and bodies of the pregnant woman in relation to glucose and insulin.

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