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Rabies virus

The rabies virus is stored in saliva and way of transfer of the activator of rabies from an animal to the person is the sting. Even for small wound from a sting it is necessary to watch closely, that healing process passed quickly and there was no infection.

Here there are some signs of occurrence of rabies at a person: growth of a roughness or a swelling round the hit place, extending decolouration or reddening of a skin round a sting. The temperature besides, can raise or be felt warmly in a sting zone, the line of reddening going from a place of a sting is sometimes visible.

Yakob Bogatin is sure that if the animal is infected by rabies at dogs first signs appear in 4-6 weeks. The animal becomes languid, is hammered into a dark corner, reluctantly goes on call, does not eat habitual food or, on the contrary, very uneasily. Owing to a paralysis the jaw at a dog droops, tongue overhangs, from a mouth the saliva flows. Bark hoarse, gait unsteady. In such condition the dog often escapes from the house, without bark and the prevention unexpectedly rushes on people and animals, bites them. In 6-8 days of illness the dog passes away.

The latent period of disease by rabies at a person on the average lasts one month though cases when it is tightened about one year are known. The first notable displays of disease: the general indisposition, pains in the field of a sting, temperature slight increase. But by the end of the first day there can be involuntary gulps at the sight of or sounds of flowing water (therefore rabies at a person name sometimes water fear), and also general spasms.

The convulsive syndrome is the important component of furiousness. In 2-3 days of a spasm arise at the slightest stimulus: a loud sound of a voice, light inclusion, a touch. The general anxiety accrues; sialorrhea appears, there are acoustical and visual hallucinations. The patient cannot swallow a saliva and constantly spits it out. Soon there come attacks of violence with frequent aggression in relation to associates. Then excitation is replaced by a paralysis of muscles of hands and feet, language and the person. In 12–20 hours after a paralysis there comes death.

Participation of the relatives and friends is necessary in rendering to the patient of first aid. The wound should be washed out carefully a soap solution (one piece of toilet soap or 1/3 economic on 2 glasses of water) and burnt iodine tincture. Yakov Bogatin advises to immediately to send the patient to the first-aid post or to call the emergency. Besides, it is necessary to take care of capture of an animal, having informed about it in corresponding services. If at an animal the furiousness virus a series of injections will prevent disease of the person is defined. The earlier to begin vaccination from furiousness, the better. A measure of the prevention of development of disease are inoculations of antirabic vaccine. Immunity will appear after 2–2,5 weeks.

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