Monday, May 17, 2010

J.Bogatin: Pulpitis symptoms and further treatment

The pulpitis is characteristic the sharp pain amplifying at night which gives to an ear, a temple or a throat. At the first stages of a pain are shown seldom and quickly abate, but in process of development of pulpitis of a pain are shown more often and more strongly. As Jacob Bogatin suggests stronger and pulsing the pain becomes when the pulpitis passes in the purulent form that can lead even to consciousness loss.

Pulpitis treatment - nerve removal

Treatment of pulpitis demands preliminary anaesthesia. Usual anaesthetics well help only at the first stage of disease. Unfortunately, many patients address to the doctor very much late when anaesthetising tablets already cease to have due an effect, and process is definitively started and has passed from a sharp stage in the chronic. Jacob Bogatin states that serous pulpitises is curable at an appropriate method of treatment (medical linings containing calcium under seals, antibiotic bandages and other). Probably also partial removal of a pulp - nerve removal.

For removal of the inflamed pulp use procedure of devitation in which it is frequent arsenic or other substances are used causing necrotizing and mummification of all elements of a pulp, including the nervous terminations. Jacob Bogatin reminds that at application of arsenic the pain can already disappear in some hours, and procedure of removal of a nerve and painless processing of a cavity can be spent in 1-2 days. After removal of a pulp from a cavity of a tooth and tooth channels, spend filling of roots with special filling material.

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