Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jacob Bogatin: About Parkinson Disease

Jacob Bogatin continues writing about one of the most complex diseases of our century- Parkinson disease. Involving speech-motor muscles leads to speech infringement - it can become a little modulated, illegible. People close to the patient often become angry, because they think, that the patient carelessly pronounces phrases. This awkward situation can be overcome, if close people understand, that the patient cannot speak differently.

Infringement of movements changes also handwriting. If the patient does not try to write well quite often happens difficultly to read the written.

Jacob Bogatin stresses that except the listed infringements of movement there are also so-called vegetative frustration: change of appetite, salivation, activity of intestines (locks). At Parkinson illness at patients often there comes a depression of spirit (depression). It is connected with two reasons: first, the patient happens is afflicted by that cannot operate as is high-grade, as before during his/her work; secondly, in the nature of the illness damage and those departments of a brain which provide to the person the counterbalanced mood lays.

Depression displays are various, but include a number of characteristic symptoms: bad mood, unusually fast fatigue, attention and concentration decrease, alarm and irritability, indifference to surrounding, appetite decrease.

All it changes benevolent mutual relations with colleagues at patients who continue to work. Certainly, that former to consult with the duties on work, it is necessary to consult, first, with the doctor and correctly to carry out recommendations about treatment. Jacob Bogatin claims that it is not less important to be opened and benevolent in relations with employees. It will help you to overcome possible difficulties at performance of official duties.

As to mutual relations of the patient in a family life or with persons who to it help to overcome difficulty of chronic disease here again always can be found necessary mutual understanding and to adjust benevolent relations.

It is enough to patient to recollect, that people who help him/her, as a rule work somewhere, and spend additional efforts to help the patient. That you understand difficulties of these people, that you are grateful to them for the help, it is necessary to speak openly and not once.

On the other hand, to persons who help the patient, it is necessary to understand, that its requests are not a whim - simply some things to the person difficultly to make most, and he addresses for the help to associates. If you helping the patient, about him/her remind yourselves, your mutual relations will be counterbalanced with the patient.

Jacob Bogatin admits that it is not a rare case when patients are dissatisfied also with themselves and surrounding people. If both the patient, and people surrounding him know about such psychological features of illness one only it will help to remove psychological stress in relations and to adjust benevolent relations.

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