Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jacob Bogatin:Lyme illness`

Many like to spend the summer outside and in the country. But it is far not all know, that not only in country wood, but also in their city park can await a danger in the form of pincers. According to Jacob Bogatin small harmless by sight insects live in a shade of bushes and trees and at a sting deeply get under a skin. This already in itself is unpleasant, as can cause a purulent inflammation.

But the most dreadful thing is that pincers transfer some infectious diseases. One of such diseases is Lyme illness.

What is Lyme illness?

Lyme illness is an infectious disease caused by Borrelias and transferred by pincers. Lyme illness has bent to a chronic current with frequent aggravations. Mainly the skin, nervous system, joints and heart are affected.

Jacob Bogatin claims that it is established, that the natural centres of Lyme illness substantially coincide with the natural centres of tick-borne encephalitis, and are registered almost in all territory of Russia.

If there is an infection

Borrelias live in an organism of some wild animals, such as rodents, deer, birds etc. At a sting of the tick spirochaete from blood of a wild animal get to intestines of the tick, breeds there, and then are allocated with excrements. In salivary glands of the tick Borrelias it is not enough, therefore not any sting of the infected tick can lead to disease of the person. Stings of pincers are registered within spring, summer till late autumn, but Jacob Bogatin suggests that the peak of stings usually is registered in the period from May to June.
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