Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jacob Bogatin: Lyme illness. Treatment. Precautions

According to Jacob Bogatin the disease has propensity to a chronic current with alternation of the periods of an aggravation and attenuation, but sometimes proceeds in the form of continuously proceeding process. Usually symptoms of defeat of joints (arthritis) are thus shown. Against a chronic inflammation the joint gradually changes and loses the function.

Treatment of Lyme illness
At a heavy current of disease treatment is spent in hospital. Antibiotics, and also the medical products influencing inflammatory process in those or other bodies and fabrics and removing an intoxication are appointed.

At a chronic current of disease along with antibiotics the medical products restoring immunity (protective forces of an organism) are prescribed. But Jacob Bogatin admits that if organism response is excessive and dangerous in itself its medicines suppressing are appointed.

The forecast at Lyme illness

The forecast favorable at in due time begun treatment. In an opposite case, especially at a chronic current, invalidation can become a reality.

Disease preventive measures

Going on walk in wood, it is necessary to try not to leave open places on a body, especially standing. If nevertheless you have found out that there is an insect on your body that can’t be thrown away by a tick Jacob Bogatin says that it is necessary to cover it with a napkin plentifully moistened with vegetable oil, on half an hour-hours. After that cautiously tweezers to remove the tick, trying it not to crush, and to grease the wound with iodine.
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