Monday, August 16, 2010

Jacob Bogatin: What to do if you are allergic to the sun

If you've never been allergic to the sun, doing some simple tips, you can easily avoid its repetition according to Jacob Bogatin.

1. Use of UV-protective creams, suntan lotion, causing them to the body for 20 minutes before going in the sun and after sun lotion and shower, apply moisturizer designed to hydrate and protect skin after exposure to sunlight on it.

2. Coming out of the water of the sea or river, blot the water, but do not wipe, because you are washing a towel blanket of cream, and it will have to apply again.

3. Jacob Bogatin suggests to use cosmetics as much as possible, gels, creams, toilet water, perfume, fragrance containing, as the sunlight they provoke the emergence of pigmented spots of various colors, which are only two - three weeks.

4. If you are the owner of a very sensitive skin, sunbathe in the shade under the tent, avoid direct sunlight. Let your tan will not bronze, but only gold, but you avoid the discomfort of burnt skin, flaking and redness, fever and so on.

5. To eliminate solar allergy is usually mild easily solve the problem of ointments containing betamethasone, prednisolone, dexamethasone. Jacob Bogatin warns not to remove the redness, burning, itching, folk remedies, such as sour cream, vegetable oil, it does not help. Use special after-sun gels, they all contain anti-inflammatory substances, extracts from medicinal plants, soothing and cooling the skin supplements.

6. Drink at least two liters of carbonated water per day, this will help you out of the body of toxic substances and many more.

But if you are traveling and the problem must be resolved quickly and locally, and rash spoil your entire holiday, it will be useful, and other tips.

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