Saturday, August 21, 2010

Treatment of Crohn's disease

As diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease should be a specialist gastroenterologist or Coloproctologists familiar with this pathology. Treatment of severe attacks carried out only in specialized (surgical) hospital. Yakov Bogatin confirms that treatment of mild forms of the disease should be well supervised.

Treatment of Crohn's disease builds on the disease activity and localization of the lesion, so painted numerous treatment regimens.

At a low disease activity and to maintain remission enough destination sulphasalazyne and 5-ASA drugs.
With the active course of the disease (exacerbations), should be the appointment of glucocorticoids. Appointment of drugs, selection of initial dosage and its permanent correction is a doctor. Unfortunately (and Yakov Bogatin also confirms this), long-term use (more than 6-8 weeks) of glucocorticoids develop numerous side effects, in addition, 36% of patients develop dependence on glucocorticoids.

When failure of such treatment (or during the development of dependence or intolerance) prescribers 2 nd series. Reported on the use of immunosuppressants in Crohn's disease. The main side effects Immunosuppressive therapy are pancreatitis, inhibition of bone marrow hemopoiesis, drug-induced hepatitis, increased risk of malignant lymphomas and other tumors.
In the course of treatment careful monitoring of indicators of the blood cells and liver markers is required.

Yakov Bogatin says that antibiotics play an important role in the treatment of septic complications of Crohn's disease, including abscesses and perianal lesions. They can also reduce diarrhea in patients with syndrome of excessive bacterial growth in lesions of the small intestine.

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