Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jacob Bogatin: White Tea

Jacob Bogatin says that white tea is difficult to transport and store, as all of its charm in its freshness. It possesses a lot of healing properties. White tea strengthens the immune system, increases blood clotting and promotes healing of woundsIt also prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases, cancers and dental caries.

Jacob Bogatin shares with us a tradition of brewing of white tea. It has to be flooded with a soft, slack water (50-80 degrees). Hot water will kill all the smells and useful substances. Brewing lasts no more than five minutes. Brew tea should be ceramic, porcelain or glass teapot. For one cup you will need five to ten grams of white tea.

Jacob Bogatin recommends to keep white tea should be in a dry place in tightly closed metal utensils. Do not store next to the tea-scented products, as it rapidly absorbs smells.

White tea is called the elixir of immortality. White tea is the most useful of all teas, it contains the most vitamins and nutrients that are in the processing of other types of tea leaves. White tea is rich in vitamins – Jacob Bogatin is sure about that, it has antiviral properties, protects against bacteria, strengthens the cardiovascular system. In white tea contains substances that slow down the aging process and prevents cancer.

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