Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jacob Bogatin about Cystitis ( Part 1 )

Inflammation of the bladder - one of the common diseases of the urinary women tract. Jacob Bogatin claims that with men the disease is much more rare. Cystitis is divided into primary and secondary. Primary cystitis occurs in the intact bladder, without any previous changes to it. It develops as an independent disease. Secondary cystitis is a complication of other diseases of the bladder. Primary cysts often acute, secondary - chronic.

Cystitis (from the Greek. Kystis - bladder) - an inflammation of the bladder, usually on the basis of infection (downward - from the kidneys or rising - from the urethra), which is characterized by frequent and painful urination, blood and pus in the urine, discomfort during sexual intercourse.

As you know, to treat cystitis is difficult and to achieve a full recovery is far from everyone. Unfortunately, most therapies can not always give a hundred percent guarantee of recovery. In most cases there is a relapse due to the erosion of general immunity, colds, supercooling of the organism, use of substances that irritate the bladder. The obvious question is "whether it is worth to treat cystitis, not enough to simply taking medications that reduce symptoms of the disease?". Most experts including Jacob Bogatin believe the need to treat cystitis. This is especially important for young women wishing to experience the joy of motherhood. Pathogen transmission is possible in a child 40-60% of cases.

For the treatment of cystitis, the patient needs to be properly consulted by a urologist and a gynecologist. The specialists of the clinics with the most modern procedures can say the following: laser special urological orifices, bladder instillation of silver solution, methods of drug administration, mud hydrogen sulfide mud - can accelerate the healing process the patient without serious medical intervention. Wide experience of the practice of treatment of disease and the annual collaboration with leading specialists, urologists in Europe are the key to competent treatment of the disease any stage of complexity. After passing the basic therapy the patient remains under the supervision of the attending physician, procedure, passing on disease prevention. Only competent and serious approach to treatment of the disease are able to cope with cystitis. Jacob Bogatin recommends not to delay treatment and to seek professional help of medical centers.

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