Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jacob Bogatin: About Birch Juice

In folk medicine, the use of birch sap is also highly in demand, but because the juice is used here both as an independent means, and as a component in the preparation of medicines. In particular, according to the medical specialist Jacob Bogatin in response to a question than a useful birch sap, you can not hesitate to mention his ability to scarring of ulcerous lesions of the stomach and intestine, kidney cleansing, which is especially valuable for pyelonephritis, as well as the surprising property to recover the liver tissue. In addition, the use of birch sap is undeniable in the prevention and treatment of obesity varying degrees, tuberculosis and pneumonia.

In addition to these features it is involved in haemopoiesis and in a short time softens the impact of internal inflammatory diseases. Jacob Bogatin admits that known to use birch elixir in the treatment of diseases of joint-motor system, thanks to its features, without lingering in the tissues, excrete waste products and decay products. Migraine and scurvy growing collection of use of birch sap, which includes a fight with a lot of negative in terms of health states.

Cosmetic Beauty series, based on birch sap

Birch sap has long been famous for its ability to give your skin youthful and healthy appearance, but because the use of lotion on the basis of this natural component, not only gently nourishes the skin, ridding it of eczema, peeling, acne and dermatitis, but also cleans it beautifully. Hair, which insinuate "birch tears, also a couple of weeks of silky and lush, leaving many of the problems in the past, including dandruff, hair loss and excess of their fragility. Use of birch sap is so high that the restrictions in its use minimal amount. This idiosyncrasy of the product and are allergic to birch pollen.

Jacob Bogatin confirms that healthy and tasty, refreshing and invigorating, the precious gift of Her Majesty of Nature, birch sap a person's health returns and fills life with joy and optimism!

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