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Daily Diets from Yakov Bogatin

Dairy produce according to Yakov Bogatin

Yogurt restores healthy intestinal flora. Milk from sheep or goat is recommended. It is easier to digest and does not cause allergies.
Meat and fish

Protein basic building material of our body, so discard it not worth it, but it is difficult to digest, so the excess protein is harmful.

The day is enough 30-60 grams of protein, depending on weight, physical activity and health.

The most healthy source of valuable protein is fish, it provides useful protein and fish oil.


Yakov Bogatin states that one should drink about 2 liters of water daily. Water can do so much for our beauty and the beauty of our feet, that she was in a separate article - "Water - a source of beauty."

The third rule of good nutrition women
• Observe the acid-base balance

One of the most important conditions for an organism is an acid-alkaline balance - PH. He is responsible for the biochemical processes inside us, it determines the saturation of the cells with oxygen, and consequently their performance.

Disturbance of acid-base balance leads to neusvaivaemosti oxygen and to changes in micro-organisms, the immune system begins to run poorly and leak into the body pathology, which normally should not be.

Originally formed in the body is much less alkaline than acid, and chronic acidity can cause headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and fluid retention. Therefore, the body should alkalify.

All the products according to Yakov Bogatin after learning have either acidic or alkaline. Our blood is slightly alkaline reaction. Mineral substances contained in products maintain alkaline levels.

Therefore, our diet should consist of 60-80% of schelocheobrazuyuschih products (most fruits and vegetables, some nuts, yogurt, milk). Especially useful for foods high in potassium - potatoes, dried apricots, raisins, prunes, apricots, peaches and grapes.

Meat, fish, cheese, eggs, cereals and some nuts are acidifying foods.
• Replace high-calorie foods for calorie.

Many people consume too many calories, even though they think they eat enough. Remember, eating a sandwich a day, katrofel with fatty chop and a cake, you have exceeded the norm.

The number of calories for women as Yakov Bogatin confirms should not exceed 1700-2000 calories a day.

For the moment, for two or three days, write down the number of calories you consume. Information on this is on the packages. You can use the tables calorie foods. The result is likely to surprise you unpleasantly.
• Remember that fats, refined carbohydrates (white flour and products thereof), sugar, salt and products, which have industrial processing - are products of the enemies, health and beauty.

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