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Glossitis and the reasons of its appearance

Glossitis is the inflammatory disease of the tongue caused by a bacterial or virus infection.

Glossitis can be designated by such terms as "a tongue infection" or "a tongue inflammation".

What are glossitis’ reasons?

Inflammatory processes in a tongue can be both an infection consequence, and symptoms of more serious, systemic disease. Jacob Bogatin distinguishes a sharp and chronic forms of illness. Glossitis causes inflammation of a tongue, it changes its colour and structure. Glossitis leads to formation of papillomas - mushroomic outgrowths on a tongue tissue.

At local infections glossitis causes bacteria and viruses (including a herpes virus) and development of infectious process is promoted especially by burns, mechanical traumas of tongue and a mouth. It is proved, that by the risk factors provoking development of glossitis are nicotine, alcohol, hot food, sharp spices, and also allergic reactions to a tooth-paste, oral cavities.

Jacob Bogatin thinks that glossitis is shown and at some system diseases, such as iron-deficient anaemia, red flat deprive, V-vitaminodefitsitnye of a condition, erythema, aphthosis, syphilis, etc. In rare instances the exact reason which has caused disease to establish is not possible.

Symptoms of glossitis

Redness, tongue inflammation
Tongue gets brightly red or claret colour
At an anaemia tongue becomes covered by pale touch
Tongue can increase in size and become soft
Difficulties are observed at chewing, swallowing, speech

Whether it is necessary to address to the doctor?

Jacob Bogatin is sure that if you have faced one or several symptoms set forth above, and they have not disappeared within days, you necessarily should go on reception to the doctor. Consultation of the expert is necessary also if you had difficulties with processes of inhalation of air, swallowing or speech.

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