Saturday, December 6, 2008

How to prevent diarrheia occurrence?

Jacob Bogatin is 100% per cent sure that practically each person either a kid or an adult perfectly knows that diarrhoeia is liquid and usually frequent defecation. The diarrhoeia takes on prevalence the second place after catarrhal diseases.

As the reasons variety of known bacteria and viruses, non-observance of hygienic norms can serve, (dirty hands after toilet visits, or dirty hands "before" or "after" cooking), some preparations, including, antibiotics, and also the “travelers diarrhea” is caused by food poisoning and water microorganisms and is usually shown on rest.

Diarrhoeia treatment, according to Jacob Bogatin should include compensation of loss of a liquid and carrying out of symptomatic therapy and the antibiotics are to be prescribed by a doctor.

Treatment of a sharp diarrhoeia should include compensation of loss of a liquid that is especially actual with children most subject to dehydration at a diarrhoeia.

Jacob Bogatin says during the sharp period of a diarrhoeia, but no more than for 5 days, the sparing diet is recommended: baked breads from a white loaf, easy low-fat meat and fish soups, steam meat or fish cutlets, a souffle and so forth; soft-boiled eggs, steam omelettes; wiped rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, semolina porridges; fresh low-fat cottage cheese, kissels, jelly from a bilberry, bird cherries, apples, a quince; tea, black coffee, cocoa on water, broths from a dogrose, bilberries, bird cherries. Drink more liquids (mineral water without gas, the juice diluted with water, berry juices, dry wine in small potions is also recommended). After the diarrhoeia termination it is necessary to return, as soon as possible, to a normal food, but avoid milk and fat considerable quantities.

The most effective method of preventive maintenance of a sharp diarrhoeia and diarrhoeia of the traveller is an observance of rules of personal hygiene: wash hands after toilet visiting and before each food intake, try to clean teeth with boiled water, instead of water from taps, especially this is a necessary during traveling.

Do not east substandard food and refuse from products stored without appropriate conditions for a long time, use only boiled potable water or bottle water, carefully wash fruit and vegetables, avoid the food intake, prepared in obvious insanitary conditions or stored for the future. Also do not drink not boiled milk of any kind. Eat only well prepared and hot food.

J.Bogatin appeals to remember that the basic sources of infection are eggs and insufficiently processed meat. Far away from home the observance of the following rule will allow to avoid a diarrhoeia concerning all foodstuff: «Either boil, either clean or do not eat».

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