Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hair loss owing to stress

Hair loss from stress or an infectious disease comes as a result of an intoxication. Occurrence of the first centre of hair loss at stress occurs from 2 till 10 days is more often, and hair loss from an infection is observed through 3 – 5 weeks from intoxication peak. Jacob Bogatin states that treatment of hair loss is more effective if from the moment of occurrence of the first centre or disease relapse has not passed more than 3 months. In 3 months in blood appear long-living lymphocytes memories and hair loss turns to be chronic.

Hair loss at women, Hair loss at children

Pathological hair loss means lose of hair at women and children. Hair loss at children occurs a little bit more often, than hair loss at women and men. It is promoted by the not strong children's mentality and not generated children's immunity. Hair loss at women gives in to treatment is easier and depends not only on a condition of immune system, but also from the hormonal status. Jacob Bogatin is certain that children hair loss demands treatment taking into account a professional knowledge and specificity of a children's organism. Hair loss at children can arise because of the transferred cold, an inoculation, a dysbacteriosis and even contact to rodents. It is necessary to define strategy of treatment and to learn, what factors help, and what harm to growth of hair.

Treatment of hair loss is the complex of measures directed on stimulation cages of a hair follicle. Hair loss treatment is done by the doctors having trichology. For today this discipline is not entered into the official register of a medical science, therefore hair loss is more social, than a medical problem. Hair loss treatment demands more attention from the scientists who are engaged in fundamental science. J.Bogatin is sure that hair loss treatment can be surgical and therapeutic. Therapeutic hair loss treatment happens hormonal and not hormonal.

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