Monday, July 19, 2010

Yakov Bogatin: How to treat insect bites

Summer - is not only time for vacations and recreation, but also a time of heightened probability of being bitten by insects. A beautiful evening on the lake overshadowed intrusive mosquitoes, walk in the shade of the forest cool - invisible mites, and enjoy a juicy watermelon and sweet melon - bothersome wasps and bees. How to protect yourself from these intruders, and to treat insect bites? Yakov Bogatin will explain how to do it.

1. 1. Mosquitoes

The best way to be protected against tiny blood-suckers - is closed carry clothing and use repellents - creams, gels or ointments. Also effective are fumigators. These substances are gradually evaporate under the influence of temperature and thus repel insects.

If you experienced a mosquito bite, the site of the bite should be wiped with ammonia (ammonia), vodka, cologne or a solution of baking soda. Effectively relieves itching and redness at the sting site application of modern pharmaceutical facilities - balsam "rescuer" or "keeper" ointment "Fenistil.

The latter removes the manifestation of allergic phenomena. In the case of multiple bites, especially if there is a predisposition to allergic reaction, you need to take antihistamines.

2. 2. Tongs

While hiking in the woods do not forget about the meeting with the ticks. Their bite is absolutely painless, and to detect mites can cling only on closer inspection. According to scientists, ticks have a certain selectivity bites between the sexes. Thus, women, the bloodsuckers prefer to bite in the knees and the groin area, and men - in the underarms and back.

If you find mites do not under any circumstances attempt to immediately pull out. It is best for this procedure to see a doctor, because when you remove the insect is very important to avoid damage.

If you are unable to use medical care, then, first of all, it should be abundantly lubricated with oil or Vaseline insect. This blocks access of oxygen to the tick, as he breathes with the back of the body.

According to Yakov Bogatin the insect then tries to climb out on his own. If you are deleting an insect you have it crushed, or part of it remained under the skin, should be mandatory to apply to an infectious diseases doctor.

The main danger of ticks in that they are carriers of diseases such as tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease. Therefore, before going into the woods do not forget about good gear: Wear clothing with sleeves, pants tuck in closed shoes, and the unprotected parts of the body, apply insect repellent.

3. 3. Wasps, bees and other troubles

Yakov Bogatin also warns that in summer there is a high probability of being bitten and other insects: wasps, bees, hornets or bumblebees. Typically, these insects do not attack first, but they can be angry if an active wave your hands, or drive them away newspaper.

Wasps sting more and more painfully, the bees also stung less and then die. A great danger they pose to the bite allergies. If you have a tendency to allergies, and if an insect stung the child, be sure to take antiallergic drugs: tavegil, suprastin, klaritin or other

At the site of the bite bee sting remains, which must be removed. This should be done as conservatively as possible, because the sting of bees has the form "needles" with barbed. Using tweezers, remove the sting, disinfect the wound with iodine or alcohol solution, apply ice or something cold - it will help reduce pain and swelling.

If you experience symptoms such as breathlessness, convulsions, high fever, loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, need to urgently seek medical advice because we are talking about severe allergic reaction. To prevent swelling of the throat and respiratory tract requires an emergency medical care.

If you go on vacation, it is worth pre-arrange the acquisition of the necessary components of a summer first-aid kit: disinfectants, antihistamines, etc. Do not forget about the simple rules of safety, regularly use insect repellent and the probability of getting insect bites or development of complications after him would be minimized.
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